Banana Cream Cheese Cake

by Mochi Media
Banana Cream Cheese Cake Screenshot One
Banana Cream Cheese Cake Screenshot Two
Who doesn't love a delicious Banana Cream Cheese Cake and who doesn't love having fun with games? They are delicious, they look wonderful and they are fun to make. You can inspire the little baker in your house and you don't even need to turn on the stove. Instead, you can play Banana Cream Cheese Cake and watch as your little baker begins putting the ingredients together, online, and creating a wonderful creation of cake. Set up in a virtual kitchen, the game includes everything one needs to make Banana Cream Cheese Cake, from the eggs and vanilla extract, to the oven and spoon. The process is simple in the game, just click where it points and move the ingredients into the bowl. Once you have the ingredients in the bowl, you can begin mixing and then it is time to throw it in the over. Once you have it in the oven, you can begin the process of baking. After it is cooked, you can enjoy it... virtually of course. You and your kid may not be able to eat the cake, but you sure can have fun cooking it together online.